Ringless Recruiting



CompCurve’s Data Analytics help you target the right agents based on production volume and location, directly from MLS data.

We also get you the right mobile number to reach all your recruits.

If you’re already recruiting from a specific farm, we can work with your list directly as well.

Create a campaign

We work with you to create a compelling story and craft a campaign to deliver that message, directly to the mobile phone voicemails of your prospects.



deliver & get inbound inquiries

Ringless Voicemail has a 95%+ listen rate - so your message will get to your recruit and then just wait for your phone to ring with their interest.

It is not an outbound call, but rather a cloud-based, server-to-server communication method. So that just means, you can operate at scale and send as many messages as you like in a single campaign.

We’ll help you understand Do Not Call & Lead List requirements.